FPB’s Community Development Program tackles poverty and social exclusion by providing local access to primary healthcare, clean water and sanitation, food security, basic education and leadership training. Local projects are determined by the unique needs of various communities to ensure long-term viability.


Since 2003, our Hill Village Development Project has been working with highland communities to improve health and well-being and protect local culture. We are currently in 114 villages that range in size from 14 to 450 households and represent distinct ethnic minority groups including, Lahu, Shan, Ann, Palaung and Akha, each community with its own unique concerns.


We respond to immediate issues while providing necessary financial and technical support to marginalized communities to advance full and meaningful participation in society. Upon reaching target communities, FPB teams begin by meeting with village leaders to assess health and education concerns and treat those who are ill.

Based on these assessments and ongoing discussion with village leaders and members, we set out to:

* Secure access to clean drinking water.
* Treat and prevent malaria.
* Lower rates of anemia and malnutrition.
* Provide information and access to reproductive health services
* Build toilets and sanitation systems
* Secure basic primary education for all children
* Provide training in early childhood development to parent