FPB’s Child Protection and Safety Program works to mitigate harm through creative and innovative approaches to learning. Our projects limit children’s vulnerability to severe exploitation by advancing their dignity, going beyond material benefits to instill self-worth and spark hope.


Music Camp Rocks! FPB believes that children all over the globe deserve the opportunity to play, enjoy their childhood and learn creative tools for expression. At many of the monastery schools and orphanages, children have little chance to play and are often encouraged by teachers, parents and monks to memorize lessons and to stay quiet. Well, our music camps give some of these children a chance to make noise, move their bodies and learn new things. Currently, about 1000 children from 4 monastery schools are benefiting from this project. The talented Project Coordinator with a background in Community Music explained, “During the first several days of music camp, the children were reserved and unsure. After assurance that they had permission to open up, they shed some of their timidity and began to really laugh and shout. We have seen a change in many of the students during the 6 months that we have been visiting their schools. They are happier!Since 2002, FPB has been working closely with monastery schools and orphanages providing support for local teachers, supplemental nutrition and improved infrastructure. In 2007 we implemented two new exciting aspects to this project.

Our first Library. In 2007 we opened our first primary school library in a village school in a rural town. We want children to have the opportunity to stimulate their desire to learn through reading.

The library has over 250 books in English and Burmese. One teacher attended an internship to learn about developing library programs, cataloguing books and stimulating children’s imaginations. Not only do village children come to the library to read, but also for story time and drawing. Every 6 months, FPB health care workers hold a village clinic at the library to check on all the children’s health and distribute needed vitamins and deworming pills.

After building the library and witnessing the children’s love for books, we realized there just simply aren’t enough Burmese language children’s books in existence. We are in the introductory phase of creating and publishing, full color children’s books so that this and other libraries can be jam packed with books for children to enjoy.

Kind thanks to the B.K. Kee Foundation for their generous support toward construction of this special library.