Preventable and treatable illness is prevalent in both rural and urban areas of Burma. Most people have minimal access to appropriate healthcare. Our Health Outreach Program reaches underserved communities by opening up access to health education, medication and continuous care.


We love Sister Aung Khin!  She is a Christian sister who works effectively and compassionately to combat HIV in her community.  Placed by her order in a small church in a seaside town in Southern Burma about eight years ago, Sister Aung Khin was unable to ignore what was going on around her.  She recounts, “At least half of the households on all of the blocks surrounding our Center have at least one known infected person.”  She began by visiting affected families, assisting them in preparing nutritious meals, arranging doctor visit and educating them about living with HIV/AIDS.  In order to garner broader support for her activities she reached out to an inter-faith community.

Today, she runs a small center that looks after HIV+ children and those who have lost family members to AIDS.  In 2007 she was able to begin anti-retroviral treatment for at least 20 HIV+ children and adults.  She continues to work closely with community members to come to terms with the turmoil that HIV has caused in their lives, to get tested and protect themselves from transmission with non-judgment.